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Important Terms & Conditions

- By availing any service from Ubtan or/and using the information shared in this portal, you agree to these set of terms & conditions


- The information shared in this portal are just for information. Providing any service mentioned in this portal is completely at the discretion of Ubtan and Ubtan can refuse to provide any of this services at any point of time without providing any justification for the same


- Ubtan thrives to provide best service to its customers. But at the same time, Ubtan does not take responsibility of the outcomes/results of the services provided. It is solely customer's responsibility to verify the product used and by accepting the service, customer take the liability of the results of the service


- We take utmost care of our employees but at the customer premises, it is the sole responsibility of the customer to provide professional treatment, safety & security to our employees. Strict legal action will be taken against any mistreatment or unlawful act towards our employee


= In case of any misbehaviour or unlawful act by our employees, the employee will be solely responsible for it and legal & displinary action will be taken against such employees. Ubtan will not be responsible for any such activities by its employee in any manner


= Booking timings are from 10 AM to 4 PM and is not negotiable. Customer have to adhere to the time defined for each activity and have to make herself available during that period. Deviation of maximum 15 mins is allowed for any service session beyond which service will be stopped at predefined time and customer have to pay the full amount


-Bookings can be done upto 7 days in advance and minimum advance booking time is 24 hours. Cancellation is allowed up to 8 hours prior to the scheduled service time. Any cancellation post that will attract a cancellation fee of Rs. 200 which the customer have to pay in case she want to avail our services in future again


- The payment for our services need to be done in cash only and please provide exact amount only as our specialist will not carry any money to give you the change. In case the customer have no change, the excess amount will be deposited as advance payment for future services and a receipt will be given for the same to you. You can adjust that amount in any of your future bookings


- Our services are only availble to adult female of age more than 18 years at the time of service


- To ensure safety of our Customers and employees, we follow some strict safety proceedures.


   > Customer responsibilities - Our services are only provided at customers residence. Customer should provide a hygenic,

       safe and comfortable space to our employees to work during the service period. Ubtan can deny service to any customers 

       (even if it is booked) due to safety reasons and Ubtan will not be liable for any such cancellation for any manner.


       Customer have to produce an original photo ID proof issued by an government agencies like passport, voter ID, PAN card,

       aadhaar card etc. which clearly displays customer Name and photo. Customer have to allow our employee to take photo

       of the same ID and share it with Ubtan Backend team for safety monitoring. Customer have to fill up the details form in

       the 1st visit to their premises with proper details and same will be handedover to our service provider


   > Employee responsibilities - Our service provider will carry proper ID card displaying their name and employee ID.

      Customer can demand the same from our employee and employees are liable to share that with customers only. In 

      case of any denial, please get in touch with the Ubtan team immediately.


      Customer should also verify the booking ID with the service provideer. Customer should not allow any of out employee

      in their premises without verifying these details




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