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About Us

Introducing Ubtan... NE India's 1st Exclusive Home parlour Service. Now customers can just click, book and enjoy the best beauty service in the comfort of your home.

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About us

There is no place like home when it comes to relaxation and comfort - this is the main driving insight for us to build "Ubtan" to give best parlour services to customer's doorstep.​


In a busy life today, we are in constant look out for ways to take out time to enjoy the life. Ubtan is trying to help you in taking out those precious moments from your life to enjoy by providing your most needed pampering services right at your home. So now when you enjoy your special moments, enjoy them with a glow that Ubtan service will bring to your face & body.


Ubtan aims to provide all the beauty services available to a customer in a parlour right at their Home. We thrive to give th best service through the use of best products, trained specialist and on time service. We have included online booking for better scheduling of our service provider's time, own transportation to provide on timer service to our customers. 

Currently, we are present in Guwahati only and cover selected areas of it. We are in a constant endeavour to expand our services to other cities in India and cover more & more customers.

10:00am - 6:00pm
Wednesday - Sunday
10:00am - 6:00pm
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